Happy Hour Hussies

  1. Macri Park

    So Melanie has taken up guitar which is basically the coolest thing ever, and on top of that: her guitar lessons are in Brooklyn.


    Melanie as a guitar god.

    Mel lives on the lower east side, and works in Brooklyn so the whole area is kind of her domain, I may have grown up in Manhattan but I’ve never ventured across the bridge. I’ve heard stories of raves, amazing food, and awesome vintage shopping, but I’ve never had a reason to leave my tiny island. When Mel texted me last Sunday to meet her after her guitar lesson in Williamsburg, I knew the time had come: The Hussies were headed to Brooklyn.

    In case you haven’t read any of our other posts, I am severely direction impaired. I have a hard time navigating myself from West 43rd to East 43rd, and forget telling me to go “North East” or whatever. Needless to say, I was petrified about traveling outside my borough, but with my handy app “EmbarkNYC” I managed to make the 17 minute subway ride in one piece, and somehow even walk 4 blocks to where I was meeting Mel. We decided to stroll for a bit just to catch up and check out our surroundings, and we ended up at the water. There was an awesome flea market we caught the last twenty minutes of and I made a mental note to come back when I wanted to finally spruce up my room in my apartment (and had disposable income that wasn’t going to beer and other necessities, like hot pink lipstick).


    As Mel and I stumbled in and out of antique shops and wandered past art galleries we both agreed that we wanted to soak up some sun and head somewhere with a patio for a drink. As our journey continued we came across a sign that said “FREE BBQ”…..UM, YES PLEASE. We knew we had hit the spot and we headed inside Macri Park


    So usually when I think Barbeque I’m thinking ribs, BBQ chicken, or generally anything with BBQ sauce on it. However that was not the case. We each grabbed a $4 draft of Hoegaarden and were handed 2 pink tickets “for the BBQ”. We went out onto the patio and quickly learned that you were to give your ticket to the grill master and declare your choice of either “hotdog” or “hamburger”. Then there was a “toppings station” where you were able to select either lettuce, or onion. Wild times. Although I was kind of let down by this “free BBQ”, and wondered what Mayor Bloomburg would think about it, I quickly remembered I was very very poor and had no business turning down free food. Mel and I each grabbed a burger and took our seats out on the patio.


    We laughed and gabbed and then something interesting happened: A woman missing two of her teeth, and a man who looked like a slightly more disheveled Mike Tyson happened upon the patio, and unmistakably eyed Melanie’s guitar. I decided to write off the glaring as an awkward moment until I came back from the bathroom and saw the toothless lady plucking away at Melanie’s guitar and Melanie looking like someone had just stabbed a puppy in front of her. I quietly sat back down as Melanie asked for her guitar back and gently laid it back into the case. I stared at her waiting for some sort of explanation as to what I just encountered and Melanie quietly whispered “She said she was a neurosurgeon…..” I couldn’t stop laughing I wouldn’t let this lady style my hair, let alone touch my brain.

    We went back for another round of beers and after feeling a bit nervous about leaving Melanie’s guitar alone at the table, I went back for our two burgers, and as I got up to go to the grill Mike Tyson whispered to me “You a tall sugar eh?” I’ve never seen a tall sugar, nor heard of anyone seeing sugar that is extraordinarily tall, so I don’t know what exactly this meant but I’m assuming it was sexual in connotation due to his husky, hushed tone. I grabbed our un-Bloomberg approved meat and scurried back to the table. As I sat down, the toothless neurosurgeon was really feeling the music and decided to stand up and ballet/interpretive/jazzhands dance all around the patio. I am all for this type of behavior, let your freak flag fly, get down with ya bad self, but she was seriously freaking me out with the gum licking and guitar eyeing.


    Mel and I decided that two rounds were enough for us, and once Mel had strapped her guitar securley to her back, we left. It was an experience, that’s for sure. I read the Yelp reviews and people seemed totally amped on this place, so I mean maybe we just hit a funky day. Did we meet tatted up Brooklyn hipster boys to go to underground rock shows with? No. Did we have a ridiculous story and narrowly escape the clutches of Mike Tyson and his brain surgeon side kick? I like to think so.

    We walked back over the bridge and ended up having a beer on Melanie’s roof and just shooting the shit until the sun went down. I don’t know why, but it actually ended up being one of my favorite days in Manhattan so far. Looking over the city with a cold beer in my hand after an adventurously humorous day, I just felt like I was finally in the right place. A land of misfits, and that settled just fine with me.



    *Side note: I fell extremely ill that evening and Melanie puked in the trashcan at work the next day and had to go home. I’m not saying it was the burgers, but take it as you will….

    Macri Park

    462 Union Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11211 


    3pm-7pm Daily; $4 drafts, $3 well drinks, $6 beer & shot specials

    G, L at Metropolitan Ave.-Lorimer St.

    American Express, MasterCard, Visa






  2. The Stag’s Head

    Okay so we’ve been bad, very, very bad. It has been a HOT minute since we’ve updated and for that we are very sorry but isn’t everyone a little sluggish in the summer months? Between both of us gallivanting off to DC for Fourth of July, Taylor joining a gym (we’ll see how long that one lasts) and Melanie’s guitar lessons, not to mention a little thing we both do called “maintaining a full time job”, we have been VERY VERY busy.

    Despite our hectic schedules, we have not been too busy for happy hours (a true priority in any twenty-something NYC girls life), and so Melanie and I decided to grab a drink at the Stag’s Head near my apartment and check out their happy hour in true hussy fashion.

    Sadly, I had to stay at the office late, and Mel’s doctor appointment ran over so we missed happy hour ($4 wells & craft beers until 7pm, a STEAL!) but at that point we were so thirsty for a nice cold frosty mug of “forget all your worries” that we didn’t care how much it cost, we wanted beer and we wanted it ASAP. I wanted to check out the Stag’s head for two main reasons:

    1) I read that they had an outdoor patio, which in July is one of my favorite things ever, actually any month at all.

    2) I have been a fan of craft beers/weird beers since joining the “Beer Club” at an infamous Rutgers haunt, Stuff Yer Face on my twenty-first birthday. They challenge you to try 75 beers on their menu and once you do you get a $50 dollar gift card, it took me 5 years but I did it, and now I am a huge fan of trying beers I would never normally order. So once I heard that The Stag’s Head had 16 rotating taps and 50+ bottled and canned beers, I was in.

    Mel and I sat down at a table near the bar, which is so cozy and very reminiscent of a Vermont lodge with its dark wood and soft lighting. Once we were settled in we decided to order some grub to go with our first round,  I ordered the Doc’s Pear Cider on tap, and Mel ordered the Green Point Summer Ale. Then Mel got an unbelievably scrumptious bacon cheese burger which looked to die for (I also snagged a couple of her fries which were awesome).

    The atmosphere was totally laid back and casual, a couple of guys hanging out at the bar, looked like they got out of work and hopped on over… mid-twenties, early thirties perhaps? Not the big, hulking, he man, football/rugby type I usually go for, but still some of them seemed pretty darn cute. When our waitress came back I asked about the outdoor area, but unfortunately there was a private party being held so we couldn’t check it out, total drag but the silver lining is that we’ll have to come back to see it, and probably drink more beer which is always a good thing.

    Mel and I still had tons of gossip to catch up on, so we ordered another round, and I ordered a soup (yes soup in July, but again I’m trying to stick to calorie limits and downing beers doesn’t help). We gabbed and laughed over the next hour or so and then decided to part ways. Over all The Stag’s head was a super cute place to catch up over drinks, not too loud, not too crowded, and a fantastic beer selection for sure. I wish we could comment on the patio situation but alas.


    However on our way out, I mean literally as I opened the door to leave, an entire rugby/soccer/football/some very dashingly handsome athletic team walked right in, clearly having an after match drink. ARE YOU KIDDING? There were even two above 6’2! (And for us two amazons, that is a rare sight). I almost ran back in, but then remembering I’m 23 and not some love crazed seventh grader at a middle school dance, I decided against it.

    So overall reasons to go back to The Stag’s head:

    1)      The mysterious patio/beergarden.

    2)      The happy hour we didn’t get to indulge in.

    3)      Before we left I saw these insane cocktails, such as “The Great Pumpkin: Jim Beam, pumpkin puree, Peychauds bitters, Fishermans pumpkin stout”($10)  um, YES PLEASE.

    4)      They hold awesome tastings and events such as this one:

    Wednesday, July 31 6PM
    Full Sail Brewing Night!
    Come in for a great line-up with David Rodriguez— Bohemian Pils, Chriss Summer Delight, English Pale Ale,IPA, Amber and a dry-hopped brew TBD on cask. Free snacks at 6PM.

    5)      Those hot athletes.


    So I’d highly recommend grabbing a girlfriend, guy friend, boyfriend, etc. and heading over to The Stag’s Head to check it out. Try a bunch of different beers; tell us about the patio if you’re lucky enough to see it, or the happy hour if you’re lucky enough to get out in time!






    The Stag’s Head

    252 E 51st St. (at 2nd Ave)
    New York, NY 10022-7744


  3. Turtle Bay

    So Melanie had heard through the single women of Manhattan grapevine, that the place to go to meet cute, mentally stable, job having men was Turtle Bay on Wednesdays. Needless to say, we were in. So after work I ran home, changed into my best “I’d make a great companion for weekends in the Hamptons” outfit and met Melanie at Turtle Bay.


    We walked in and holy happy hour was it loud. How was I supposed to find my cute, non-narcissistic, cuddle loving but dashingly handsome future fresh meat here if I couldn’t even hear him say his first name? Major bummer. However Melanie came right to the rescue and found the stairway to the upstairs. JACKPOT. 90’s throw backs, played at a decent level, two hilarious bartenders, and four tables set up for beer pong. It was the ultimate frat house basement located on the second floor of a building in midtown Manhattan. I was in love.


    Things got even better when we found out it was 50 cent wings and dollar drafts. Now for a girl whose hourly salary is what some New Yorkers spend on coffee every morning, I was in happy hour heaven. I will take seven bud light drafts over a Venti skinny caramel macchiato with extra foam any day, but then again perhaps that’s why I’m single. Regardless, Melanie and I ordered 10 BBQ wings and 10 mild wings, and told the cute bartender to just keep the drafts coming. Anytime we’d get down to a last sip, there he was filling us up. I could not have been happier.


    Over the next hour or so the upstairs started filling up, with cute girls waving friendly hellos at the bartenders (regulars are always a good sign to me). The DJ started playing a little bit louder, and the lines at the beer pong tables started to get a little bit longer. The night was definitely picking up speed but the next thing I knew Mel and I were five beers deep with a stomach full of spicy wings. We threw in the towel on finding our hot future boyfriends, and decided to grab the check and head home. What happened next may be the best part of the night:



    I had a total buzz, was stuffed like a turkey on the last Thursday in November, and only owed ten dollars?! Who cares if I didn’t find some hot dude in a suit, this place is awesome!

    We packed up, headed home and decided next time we have to get a big group of guys and girls together, dominate the beer pong tables, rock out to some classic Alanis, and have an awesome time, perhaps even find some cute eligible bachelors to join in on the fun.


    Turtle bay, you are a 20 something 9 to 5 girl with a  college heart’s dream, stay beautiful (and cheap). We’ll be back in no time.

    Turtle Bay
    987 2nd Ave, Manhattan, NY 10022 

    Happy Hour

    Monday: Trivia Night Enjoy $3 Bud & Bud Light Drafts, $3 Well Drinks plus a Stoli Cocktail Menu.

    Tuesday: $2 PBR cans, $3 Budweiser cans, $4 American Bourbon Drinks, and $4 Jack Honey Shots, plus a specialty drink menu with signature mason jars.

    Wesnesday: $1 Mugs & $10 Pitchers, plus 50 cent Wings & $1 Sliders ($5 cover for guys starting at 9)

    Thursday:$20 Open Bar (10pm-1am)

    Friday:6-9pm for 1/2 Price Happy Hour Top Shelf Drinks, All Beer & Wine, and Appetizers.  Just pay $5 at the door to get it 1/2 off everything for 3 hours.

    Saturday: $20 per person gets you Unlimited Mixed Drinks, Domestic Draft, and Wine from 8-11pm.




  4. Tonic - East

    I got of the 6 train at 28th and Park Avenue, walked 5 steps and was immediately caught in a thunder storm – it never just rains in the city it always seems to pour and like many New Yorkers, I was caught off guard and without an umbrella.

    I ducked under an overhang for a few minutes with a few other people. I secretly hoped one of them would be an attractive, tall, dark haired man wearing a suit. We’d start talking about the weather, then each other and eventually we’d decide that we should see each other again on drier terms. From there we’d start dating and eventually fall in love. I had these high hopes, but as I looked around at my fellow refugees I realized none of them fit this description and my chiche fantasy would not come to fruition. Appropriately, I peaced the hell out of there and ran through the rain to Tonic East located at 29th street and 3rd Avenue to meet my fellow Happy Hour Hussie, Taylor, for a much needed  drink.


    Taylor and I sought Tonic out for its Wednesday night special – Ladies Night!!!! If you’re a girl, you cannot get a better deal on drinks and food anywhere else but Tonic. The regular happy hour promotion runs Monday – Friday from 11:00 am to 8pm includes $3 Bud/Bud Light, $3 Champagne and $4 Cosmos. Then, on Wednesdays ladies night picks up at 8:00 pm where girls drink for FREE!  You say something is free and the two ladies are the first in line.

    Taylor and I grabbed seats at the far end of the bar on the first floor. It’s worth noting that Tonic is a very large space. It has three levels and a bar on each floor. However, the happy hour specials are only valid on the first floor and more specifically the bar at the first floor. There are several tables on the main level, but if you choose to sit here you must pay full price for food and drinks. You may also order drinks at the bar on the first floor and carry them up to the third floor, where there is a roof top bar that is enclosed in poor or cold weather with plenty of seating.

    We both arrived a little before 8:00, and each ordered a $3 Bud Light. Once ladies night hit, I grabbed a Blue Moon followed by a Hoegarden, while Taylor ordered two Stellas. Each of us worked up an appetite at our jobs all day, but we were still short on change so we split a steak quesadilla that cost $12.95.  It was actually really good and we felt surprisingly full. Although we didn’t try it, Tonic offers a $5 burger on Wednesdays as well.

    Once the clock struck 9, we said goodbye to our fabulous bartender and headed out for the night managing to only spend, $10.05 + tip each!

    Tonic East
    411 3rd Ave, New York, NY 

    Happy Hour
    Days/Time: Monday-Friday, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
    Champagne: $3
    Beer: $3 Bud/Bud Light
    Food: Varies daily – check the website here to note the changes in menu.




  5. Mad. Sq. Eats

    So earlier this week I was walking home from the gym and called Melanie for one of our daily chats. As I huffed and puffed my way uptown I saw a bunch of food trucks illuminated by lights.


    No freaking way. If there is one thing I love more than raw sea food, its meat on a stick. Meat on a stick (also known as a shish kabob minus the veggies) can only be found at food trucks and it is a favorite delicacy of mine. I checked out the crowds and people were drinking beers right in the middle of Madison Square Park, while noming on cute little tacos, cups of cold noodles, and of course, meat on a stick.

    “Melanie, I know what we are doing tomorrow night”

    So after work we decided to check out this “Mad Sq. Eats” and holy happy hour am I happy we did.

    I am beyond directionally challenged, if the streets don’t go by numbers and the avenues don’t go by letters I cannot get around. So it took me quite a bit of time, and Melanie quite a bit of patience to navigate me there. Once we arrived we both agreed we were in need of a beer, or something equally refreshing. We tried to search for a table but these people were like vultures in the desert swarming over a dead gazelle carcass. It was ugly, we accepted defeat and started searching for beer. On our way we were sidetracked by a huge block of ice.


    We couldn’t figure out what it was so we politely asked, it turns out we stumbled across “Peoples Pops”. Hand shaved ice with wildly interesting flavors, I went with Rhubarb hibiscus, and Melanie went with lemon mint. They shaved the ice and then poured our flavors on, and it reminded me of being down the shore as a kid and begging my dad to stop at the ice carts. Way better than those artificial flavors and only $2.50!


    Now that we had cooled down we got back on track for our beer quest, we went over to Calexico, and I got a can of Corona while Mel snagged a Dos Equis for 4 bucks each. We sipped our beers and decided to do a lap and mark out where we wanted to go. We went with Asia dog as our first venture.


    I normally would get nervous about anything with “dog” and “Asia” placed together, but when I heard that they offered you a choice of beef, organic beef, chicken, or veggie dog I was totally impressed. I ordered the Vinh dog:


    Vietnamese banh-mi stylea ioli + pate + cucumbers + pickled carrot and daikon + cilantro + jalapeno. And Mel got the Wangdig dog:

    Chinese BBQ porkbelly + onions. I’m not a huge hot dog fan, but this was unreal. I could have eaten ten of these easily. Asia dog made a believer out of me, as you can see from the photos below. (PS the dogs were 4.50 a pop for regular beef #winning)


    As we ate our dogs we saw a table out of the corner of our eye, we mad dashed over and were the victorious vultures! To celebrate our victory we went to Arancini Bros.


    I’ve never had a rice ball in my life, but Melanie made sure that we changed that. I ordered the Bianco Verde


    (Basil Pesto with Mozzarella) and it was hands down the best 4 dollars I have ever spent. Mel got the Buffalo Balls


    (Spicy Chicken & Gorgonzola Cheese) and I stole a bite of hers and it was heavenly. On my lifelong to do list is now to try every single one of the Arancini Bros. balls. Yeah you heard that right. I went on their website and they have Nutella balls, seafood balls, BBQ balls. I am in ball euphoria. If you go to Mad Sq. Eats you MUST stop by here, scarf down a ball and tell me about it. I beg you. Or if you are looking for a way to my heart have balls delivered to me all day long. (specifically the Nero di Seppia (Squid-Ink Risotto w/ Spicy Shrimp, Calamari & Tomato))

    Mel decided to get wild and adventurous and bought herself a personal pizza from Robertas ($12),


    I was feeling a bit more like Mexican so I opted to try out Mexicue


    and snag some fully dressed Tecates for $5


    (Tecate rimmed with salt, a Smokey hot sauce and finished with a lime) I love Micheladas and this was super similar, and amazing. Not going to lie, may have been one of my highlights of the night I traveled a bit and got some 4 dollar chipotle tacos from Calexico


    and settled in for meal three. The tacos were great and I don’t mean great street tacos, I mean great for tacos coming out of a stand, box, truck, or store. Super fresh, spicy, just plain ol’ Mexcellent. This summer I plan on stoping by for sure. I went back for 2 more Tecates (WAYYY over my calorie budget but I was feelin’ it so whatever) and we gabbed until the sun set. We finished off our food af-fair with a Candied Bacon and Maple Cream Cheese from Macaron Parlour which I would have loved to have paired with a nice glass of makers on the rocks, but alas. (Side note: when my soul mate Ron Swanson and I get married, you can bet we are hitting up Macaron Parlour see if we can fashion a cake out of these bad boys)


    Mel went downtown, I went uptown, and we concluded that Mad. Sq. Eats is one of our new favorite NYC gems. We were sad we didn’t get to hit all the spots, but that would take days, and probably a lifelong membership to the gym. I def found some of my favorite new spots though and will totally travel to a couple of their concrete locations (even out in BK).

    Sad to say Mad Sq. Eats ends May 31st but will be back up and running in the fall and these Hussies will be SURE to visit more than once next time around, perhaps with a big group of people so we can sample it all. ;)

    Brick and Mortar locations:

    Mad. Sq. Eats - Open from 11 am to 9 pm until May 31st
    Flatiron - West side of Madison Square Park,
    Fifth Avenue between 24th and 25th streets

    Peoples Pops
    425 W 15th St, New York, NY 
    Phone: (347) 850-2388

    Asia Dog
    66 Kenmare St, New York, NY 
    Phone: (212) 226-8861

    153 Rivington St, New York, NY
    Phone: (646) 590-4172

    Macaroon Parlour
    111 St Marks Pl, New York, NY
    Phone: (212) 387-9169

    106 Forsyth St. New York, NY
    Phone: (646) 559-4100

    Arancini Bros
    940 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 
    Phone: (718) 418-6347




  6. The Mermaid Inn

    A few weeks ago, my mom came to New York to visit my older sister and me.  We decided to have dinner at The Mermaid Inn on the Friday night of her visit. Mermaid Inn has three locations in the Manhattan – Greenwich Village, the Upper West Side – I live in the Lower East Side, so the three of us at the third location in the East Village. As the tree of us sat down for dinner, I noticed a card on our table promoting their happy hour, which is every day from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. My dinner that Friday night was so unbelievably good, I knew Taylor and I had to come here for an upcoming installment of Happy Hour Hussies. 

    A couple weeks later, Taylor and I finally decided to happy hour at The Mermaid Inn, East Village whose main draw is $1 oysters. The only beer on special is $5 Pacifico. However, select cocktails and wines are $7 and $6 respectively. I was actually surprised at the well-rounded selection of happy hour dishes on their regular menu (pictured below) and the daily specials. Tip alert: If you “check in” on FourSquare, and show your server, you receive a free side dish!

    When we sat down for dinner, we were served a basket of sesame breadsticks, which were delicious and made better with a touch of butter that came in a small dish topped with a thin piece of waxed paper printed with the restaurant’s logo (see photo below). I mean there are almost no occasions on which I will refuse butter or claim that it makes something worse and when the presentation is this nice it like can’t be bad for you, right?!

    We each opted for two glasses of white wine. I ordered Sauvignon Blanc and Taylor, Pinot Grigio – our personal go-to’s. Then, we split 20 oysters. Mermaid Inn’s regular menu consists of east and west coast oysters; however, the only ones on special are east coast, which aren’t as flavorful as the west coast, but still amazing and at $1 each? Game over.

    To be honest, this could have been a relatively inexpensive dining experience, if Taylor and I had limited ourselves to the oysters and drinks. As you will come to find, we have a hard time saying “no” to more food, so don’t be surprised if more often than not we rack up a higher bill than planned, but don’t worry we will always report the happy hour specials for those of you who practice self control.


    I ended up ordering the scallops and Taylor the chilled calamari salad. I regret to say that our bill was $50 each including tip. But it was so good and at the end of the meal we were given complimentary chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream, so we really did feel like we got some bang for our buck.

    When you receive your check, you are given a fortune fish - a thin piece of plastic cut in the shape of a fish that reflects your mood, depending on what it does. On the back of the package, there are a list of movements the fish can make and corresponding emotions. Mine completely curled up and turned over, which means I’m passionate, which I find to be very accurate – especially when it comes to my The Mermaid Inn.


    The Mermaid Inn 
    96 2nd Ave, New York, NY 

    Happy Hour
    Days/Time”Every day 5:00-7:00 PM
    Cocktails: $7
    Wine: $6
    Beer: $5
    East coast oysters: $1 each
    Raw bar: $1 - $8
    Daily specials: TBA




  7. Stone Street Tavern


    Woooohoooo! Between our busy jobs and trying to catch a moment of sleep, we’ve had a hard time getting a chance to sit down and get some work done on HHH but I am happy to say the time is FINALLY here!

    So on Monday Mel and I decided to kick off the week by meeting up for another installment of HHH. Mel picked out a super cool place down near Wall street called “Stone Street Tavern” and we figured a nice cold one would be perfect to start off our weeks, obviously it didn’t take much convincing to get me to travel down to wall street, the second Melanie said there were cute smart eligible bachelors I was already googling houses for rent in the Hamptons that me and my new Financial wizard named “Tad” or “Brock” could spend memorial day in. While my future husband did not walk out of the NYSE, lock eyes with me, and fall madly in love, we did find an awesome beer deal at the Stone Street Tavern.

    As Melanie and I met up and walked over to SST, we had what is probably the WASPiest conversation I will ever have in my while life and it went something like this:

    Melanie: Down here reminds me so much of Europe, it’s a whole different layout than most of Manhattan.

    Taylor: I know! It reminds me of when I studied at Cambridge for the summer.


    Excuse me while I gag on my powder blue cashmere sweater set, but it’s true. Cobblestone streets, amazing old school architecture really did make me feel like I was sitting back in Rome dining al Fresco. SST has AWESOME outdoor seating, and while the weather was a bit too cold at 58 degrees for us to sit outside, I can only imagine how ahhhmazing that would be in June. Something we will definitely have to keep in mind. We went in and sat at a cute table for two and while they did have 5 dollars Heinekens for happy hour, we went with the beer flights. The two we picked were:

    Our Spring Favorites - $11:
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (California)
    Stone Street Lager (New York)
    Full Sail Amber (Oregon)
    Sam Adams Chocolate Bock (Massachusetts)

    Road Trip - $10:
    Firestone Pale 31 (California)
    Two Brother Domaine DuPage (Illinois)
    Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (KY)
    Founder All Day IPA (MI)


    Unfortunately they were out of the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel which broke my heart because I am OBSESSED with bourbon, but they replaced it with R.J. Rockers Son of a Peach Wheat Ale and HOLY HAPPY HOUR. My new favorite summer beer. Hands down. It was light, crisp and full of peach flavor, I mean FULL. I am a huge fan of Wells Banana Bread beer and I will def be adding R.J. Rockers to my fav fruit list as well.

    Mel went with the Road Trip selection which was lighter, but I did steal her Son of a Peach…and I went with the Spring Favorites and also loved the Chocolate Bock which was medium but extremely chocolaty, and nothing satisfies my taste buds like chocolate and alcohol, combined? Forget it I’ll sacrifice my skinny jeans on the altar of chocolate beer any day.

    For noshing we went with the cheese plate which is our favorite app to get anywhere and everywhere. This one came with some cranberry preserves on it, reminded me of my grandmother’s canned cranberry block at thanksgiving so I skipped on that, but the cheeses went great with our beer selection.


    The crowd was a bit older, but as I went to the bathroom I saw some fun mid twenty something girls gabbing about their betchy co-workers so I’d definitely say it’s a great bar to blow off some steam after work. Over all the service was great, I wish I got our waitresses’ name but alas….regardless she was super accommodating and totally knew what she was talking about when it came to our beers and cheese plate so, four for you Glenn Coco!

    For a beer flight each, a pint of our fav beer from the selection, and a cheese plate our bill was around 30 each, not too shabby. Plus I was full and had a nice buzz going. Can’t complain about that. These Happy Hour Hussies were totally satisfied. Now to head back for the outdoors come June….Tad, I’ll be waiting for you.


    Stone Street Tavern
    52 Stone Street,  New York, NY 
    (212) 785-5658




  8. Essex


    So last night we conquered another HHH adventure. We decided to stick to Mel’s hood (LES) because, well, it’s awesome, and as my mom would say “very hip and trendy”. Melanie and I have this weird affinity for oysters, I’m not sure where it started or how, but we love them. So after a little digging we found this place called Essex that had dollar oysters, and half price drinks from 5-8….be still my beating heart!!! Essex it was.

    I headed down a little earlier after work and Mel was still in Brooklyn, so I got on my handy dandy yelp app and figured I could get a mani while I waited. Being beyond broke I debated the mani, can I really afford to spend 13 bucks on my stubby fingers right now? Well Yelp solved all my problems and found me Clinton Nails, where I could get a six dollar mani, winning. I’m not going to lie, the ambiance is about what you’d expect from a 6 dollar nail salon, but I am notorious for chipping my nails the first day into a mani and almost 24 hours later we are still going strong. Woot woot! Anyway, the tables had turned and now Melanie was at Essex while I was running late, but at 7:15 I finally made it…45 minutes left to indulge.

    We ordered 20 oysters, and some of them looked a little funky….Melanie let those ones slide but me, being what I call adventurous, and what most people call stupid, ate them. I haven’t spent all day at work in the bathroom so I guess they were alright. I notoriously never send seafood (or any type of food) back. As a matter of fact if I have skinny jeans I have to fit into in a couple of days, I even welcome iffy seafood. Besides, who can really complain about $1 oysters? Not this chick.

    The ambiance was super cute there too, totally a date spot. Our giggling/shreaking may have been a little loud for the candle lit room but we’re used to that by now. It wasn’t super crowded, a couple of cute guys at the bar, but overall I would be impressed if a guy took me there. Its right next to Essex food market too which I have yet to explore but hear unreal things about.


    Next to the ambiance I would say the drinks were my biggest highlight, 50% off? That’s right up my alley. I stuck with Pinot Grigio while Mel had a Heineken, then Sauvignon Blanc. 4-5$ a glass? Can’t beat it. We were such big fans, that the next thing I knew I was on my fourth glass, and feeling good. So good in fact that I decided to whip out my phone and text a forbidden number of mine, what could go wrong right? Life is short, wine is good, what have I got to lose?!

    No response.

    There was no amount of Pinot Grigio that would make me feel good again. So we paid our check, (60 bucks total for quite the dinner, mainly liquid dinner but still) and decided to have a night cap. We strolled down the block and saw a sign for $1 Sapporo drafts, the perfect cure all to feeling rejected we headed into Dodompa.

    The one dollar drafts were over so we split an order of Sake (I have no clue what urged us to order this) never having had sake we asked the bartender if we should get it hot or cold, he said hot, we went for it. So he served it to us in tiny cups, and when I see tiny cups I automatically assume it means shots, so that’s exactly what we did. It tasted like freckled bananas. We googled “hot sake”…yeah… you are supposed to sip. Awkward. We started sipping on our hot sake and began reminiscing about an old Asian karaoke bar named “L’amour Lounge” (yes, a French named Asian karaoke lounge) in San Francisco we used to go to when we were underage and would even put up with singing Hotel California in Chinese if it meant we could drink warm Coors light cans somewhere besides our dorm room.

    I got hungry, (surprise surprise) and being on my new, kind of healthy, or at least trying very hard to be, diet, I ordered “raw octopus in wasabi” holy mother of god it burnt my entire face off and all I had to wash it down was hot freckled banana sake. We asked for the bill and surprisingly it was only 10 bucks. (Totally worth it for some good laughs) Don’t get me wrong, if we weren’t a couple sheets to the wind, and were craving a good Japanese joint, this place looked totally authentic. Super cozy, warm dim lighting and when I was creeping on other people’s dinners they looked awesome, but we weren’t in the right frame of mind for a cute sushi date.


    Mel walked home and I hopped into a cab and laughed the whole way reminiscing about L’amour lounge, which in hind sight I’m pretty sure was a not-so-secret opium den. Sitting in the cab I realized how far Mel and I have come in 5 years, literally, across the county, but figuratively too. I remember lying in our beds in our dorm room staring at the ceiling, wondering aloud if we would ever find boys to love us, jobs who would hire us, and cities that we could eventually call home. We may not have it all yet, but I feel like we are pretty damn close, and that’s alright with me…as long as we have some great laughs over cheap drinks to get us through.

    120 Essex St New York, NY 
    (212) 533-9616

    71 Clinton St Manhattan, NY 
    (212) 533-4781




  9. McFaddens

    So for our first entry we decided to check out McFaddens. Melanie wanted to come over and see my new place all set up and this joint is right on the corner. I checked my trusty twitter and low and behold McFaddens has a Saturday night happy hour from 7-9! Now this is where things get insane. The happy hour is ten dollars for OPEN BAR for two hours. That’s only one thousand pennys here people! That’s chump change! I guess for more respectable humans a ten dollar happy hour may mean you get four beers and a good buzz, but not for Taylor. This ten dollar happy hour just quickly escalated to 50 cent pint night for me. Melanie however, always the lady had 3 beers and called it quits. (I drank enough for the both of us).


    Most happy hours that have an insane deal like this are also insanely packed, I mean wall to wall can’t move packed. Especially with final four on, I had a feeling we’d be screwed but I was pleasantly surprised! Actually, too surprised…there were about 20 people, but nowhere NEAR how many I expected for such a cheap deal. I even asked the bartender what the deal was and he said I had heard right, 10 dollars a pop, open bar 7-9. However because the final four was on it was just domestic drafts for the night but hey, that’s cool with me. We snagged a table booth in the bar area and sipped our beers and rocked our wrist bands and settled in to watch the game.


    I checked out some of their other drafts, standard selection but would have been awesome if all the beers were included in the happy hour,  then again you can’t have it all. We’ll definitely have to stop by again on a Saturday and check out what the deal is when the final four isn’t playing but this place was def a great hang out with friends, watch the game eat some wings. Around 8 the night bartenders came in and they were all decked out like their favorite wrestlers from wrestlemania. Looked like a total blast. I’ve walked by a couple times before and it was jammed back (mainly 1$ draft night on Tuesday) but McFaddens will for sure be a great sloppy night when my college friends are visiting. Beer, wings, and good laughs. Can’t beat that.


    800 Second Ave., New York, NY

    Happy Hour

    Monday: $3 Drafts & 1/2 price appetizers

    Tuesday: $1 Drafts 6pm-12am

    Wesnesday: $8 for three beer samples every Wendesday, Thursday and Friday

    Thursday: $20 Open Bar (10pm-1am)

    Friday: Summer Friday’s Get $4 Seasonal Beers 1-6pm

    Saturday: Pregame with a $10 Open bar 7-9